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Our motto is to provide honest advice, accurate diagnosis, and excellent curative treatment by employing the best doctors, responsible staff, and ISO-certified medicines to give you a world-class experience. Our clinic is committed to offering the best consultation, counseling, and medical services to its patients. Patients are regularly informed about their appointments, follow-ups, and other investigations. They are free to consult by phone or in person if they feel the need to do so from the comfort of their homes, even before their scheduled appointment, at no extra cost. This service is particularly necessary for patients who live far from our nodal centers, especially those suffering from kidney failure, cancer, liver cirrhosis, and other life-threatening conditions.

We also ensure that visiting a doctor is not a fearful experience but rather a pleasant and enriching one for all our patients. Our clinic provides an adequate waiting area that is well-lit and air-conditioned, with amenities such as TV, newspapers, magazines, clean drinking water, toilets, and other basic infrastructure services. This ensures that even the waiting time with us is comfortable and not cumbersome.

We provide the following services:

Exhaustive Case Taking
We thoroughly listen to the patient, allowing them to describe every detail about their past and present ailments. The patient is given ample time to list their troubles comprehensively. All their reports are meticulously checked and analyzed to ensure an accurate diagnosis. By taking an exhaustive approach, we aim to understand every aspect of the patient’s health for the best possible treatment plan.

Many diseases today are considered to be psychosomatic in nature. Therefore, it is essential to pay equal attention to the psyche, which includes the mental and emotional makeup of the patient. Through detailed psychoanalysis, we aim to understand how these factors influence the patient’s overall health, ensuring a holistic treatment approach.

The physical and mental symptoms of the patient are analyzed using world-class software. This helps us select the best possible medicine from over 5,000 homeopathic remedies available. This process, known as "Tailor-Made Medicine," ensures that each patient receives personalized treatment based on their unique symptoms and conditions.

Diet-Related Services
We provide customized diet charts not only to patients with renal failure but also to almost all patients consulting us for various illnesses. These diet charts are tailored to each individual's health needs, helping to support their treatment and improve overall well-being through proper nutrition.

Yoga and Exercise
We offer videos and charts illustrating various exercises and yoga asanas, along with precautions that patients need to take. These resources are designed to help patients achieve complete freedom from diseases by incorporating physical activity and mindfulness into their daily routines.

Relationship Analysis and Counseling
The relationships around us can significantly impact our health and well-being. We analyze the relationships in our patients’ lives and provide counseling to help them navigate and improve these interactions. This holistic approach aims to support their emotional and mental health, contributing to overall wellness.

Dream Analysis
Dreams often provide insights into various aspects of our subconscious mind. We conduct thorough dream analysis to understand these hidden messages and how they relate to the patient's mental and emotional state. This understanding can be crucial in diagnosing and treating psychosomatic conditions.

Medical Astrology
In cases where conventional methods do not yield improvements, we sometimes consult birth charts and planetary movements. Medical astrology can offer additional insights into the prognosis of diseases, helping us to tailor treatment plans more effectively based on these astrological findings.

Pranic Chakral Scan
To gain a deeper understanding of the patient and their diseases, we use pranic healing techniques to scan and analyze the patient's chakras and organs. This method helps us identify anomalies and imbalances that might be affecting the patient's health, allowing for more precise treatment.

First Aid Medicine Kit
We provide a first aid medicine kit for treating trivial ailments, reducing the dependency on conventional medicines that may have side effects. This kit is designed to be a convenient and effective solution for minor health issues, promoting self-care and immediate relief.

Physical Clinical Examination
Each patient undergoes a thorough physical examination, including checks for blood pressure, pulse, temperature, and a systemic examination of the lungs, liver, gastrointestinal tract, and other vital systems. This comprehensive examination ensures an accurate and complete diagnosis.

Dispensing Medicines
We provide the best available, ISO-certified medicines to all our patients. These medicines are packed neatly and securely to minimize loss during transit and ensure convenience. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, reliable medications to support the patient's treatment plan.

Networking Through Cities in India and Other Parts of the World
Our team includes efficient doctors who can assist patients in their own city or nearby metro areas, both in India and various countries worldwide. This extensive network allows us to provide our services wherever our patients are located, ensuring accessibility and continuity of care.

Live Teleconsultation (Through Phone, Video Chat, etc.)
Anyone, anywhere in the world, can avail of our consultation services through live teleconsultation. This service is suitable for both minor ailments like the common cold, cough, and fever, as well as major illnesses such as ovarian cysts, arthritis, and cancer. Prescribed medicines are either readily available globally or can be couriered to the patient’s location.

Medical Data Teleconsultation Services
Patients with chronic diseases of long duration, which have become complex due to overmedication and poor diagnosis, require thorough review by the physician. These patients can send their past prescriptions and medical reports electronically via email or WhatsApp, or physically through courier. This comprehensive review helps in formulating an accurate treatment plan.

Courier / Medicine Delivery Services
If you are unable to purchase medicine near your location, we promise to deliver them right to your doorstep. Our efficient delivery services ensure that you receive your required medicines without any inconvenience, supporting your treatment continuity.

In-Home Consultation
For patients who are senior citizens, critically ill, bedridden, or unable to move, we offer in-home consultation services. The doctor visits the patient personally at their home or hospital, ensuring they receive the necessary medical care and attention in the comfort of their own environment.

Disease Management Tips
Patients receive more than just prescriptions and advised medicines; they are also provided with comprehensive guidance regarding diet, precautions, management, hygiene, and exercise. This holistic approach helps patients manage their diseases effectively and improve their overall health and well-being.

Help for Poor Patients
Patients who carry a Below Poverty Line (BPL) Card are given free or low-cost medicines through funding from our NGO. This initiative ensures that even the most vulnerable sections of society have access to the best possible treatment, promoting health equity and social welfare.


Exhaustive Case taking

We hear the patient completely in every possible detail about his past and present ailments. He is given all the time he wants to list his troubles. All his reports are thoroughly checked and analysed for diagnosis.



Most of the diseases today are said to be Psychosomatic in nature. Therefore it becomes necessary to pay equal importance to the Psyche or the mental and emotional make-up of the patient and its analysis.



The physical and mental symptoms of patient are analysed through World Class software so as to select best possible medicine from over 5000 Homeopathic Medicines. That's the concept of "Tailor-Made Medicine".


Diet related services

We provide customised diet charts not just to patients of Renal Failure but almost all the patients contacting us for various illnesses.


Yoga and Exercise

We provide videos and charts illustrating exercise and yoga asanas with precautions to be taken by the patients to be completely free of diseases


Relationship analysis and counseling

The relationships around us make us or break us. We analyse the ones around us and sail you through them.

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